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True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism

True Selves True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism--For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals

True Selves
by Mildred L. Brown, Chloe Ann Rounsley


Filled with wisdom and understanding, True Selves paints a vivid portrait of the conflicts transexuals face on a daily basis. The Courage they must summon as they struggle to reveal their true being to themselves and others. This classic resource offers valuable guidance for friends, families, coworkers, and professionals who are struggling to understand these people and their situations. Using real life stories, actual letters, and other compelling examples, True Selves gives a clear understanding of what it means to be transexual and offers practical suggestions for dealing compassionately with these commonly misunderstood individuals.

Praise for True Selves

"True Selves is Thorough and comprehensive....This is a serious and important book. If you know a transsexual, care about a transsexual, or are interested in understanding transsexuality, True Selves should be on your reading list."
--The Transsexual New Telegraph

"The best popular introduction to transsexualism for all involved -- transsexuals, soffas (significant others, family, friends, allies), and the professionals working with and serving then -- is True Selves."
-- The independent Press Book Review

"Each chapter poses questions and confronts comman misconceptions about transgendered people and offers recommendations to caregivers and family....presented in a simple, straightforward style and is easy to understand."
--Gender Identity Journal

"With real life stories, letters, poems, and more, this is a first comming-out collection for the TS community."
--Feminist Bookstore News

"A great resource to use in your coming out, when you just plain get tired of explaining your transsexualism and your soffas (significant others, family, friends, allies) really need to hear it from another source to validate your credibility".
--Lynn's Place

The Authors

Mildred L. Brown is a clinical sexologist and therapist in private practice in San Jose, California. She is also professor of clinical sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

Chloe Ann Rounsley is a writer, journalist, and editorial consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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