Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Social Networking Website for Transgender Moms

As a single mommy with full sole custody of my 2 boys, I was searching the web for a good place to network with other "mommies" like myself, and came across Cafemom.

Cafemom is an online community created especially for moms. Thousands of moms have come together online to swap stories and advice on a huge range of topics, share photos, and connect with friends. Cafemom users each get their own homepage which they can customize to show off their personality. Plus, they can start public or private groups with other moms about common interests. Moms of all ages and beliefs are now meeting, conversing, and having fun at Cafemom.

I typed the keyword transgender into the search box and was kind of surprised at the amount of resources I found for transgender moms like myself. I was reading some of the message board posts and was amazed at how accepting many of the moms were towards the transgender community. There is also a fairly decent presence of openly lesbian mommies also.

I feel Cafemom would be a great place for us who are, or consider ourselves as moms, to go in and set up profiles and groups, and let our presence be known. This would be a great place to politely educate other moms as to our issues. I also believe this would be a great advocacy tool for our community. We could also work on establishing a network for moms of transgender children.

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I am Sassy_Lynn69s on cafemom.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, This is amazing!! I just joined you/your blog etc, just yesterday I think. This is the first post Ive read. I joined cafe Moms yesterday !! I was looking too at Moms there- found about 200 posts pertaining to Tg and a lot are accepting- a lot also just dont understand and could benefit from our experience. What you syggest is a wonderful idea ! See you there! Byeee, Jonrette