Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Transgender Owned Business Directory

Nobody has to tell a transgender person going through transition the financial burden it carries. The clothes make up, personal effects, hair removal and not to mention the medical and psychological needs, most of which is not covered by insurance. As every transexual woman knows, unemployment is a major issue for many of us in our community. The cost of transitioning drives many of us into massive debt, any many loosing most everything they own.

Our federal and many of our state governments will not pass the necessary anti-discrimination legislation we need to protect us and our families. Many social service agencies do little or nothing to help us. Many insurance companies deny our claims because they fail to see this as a genuine medical issue. Where can we turn for help?

Some of us have been fortunate enough to own a business or have started websites for a source of income. I am starting this page in my website to help promote transgender owned businesses and websites, used for personal income and or transition. If you fall into this catagory of people feel free to email me with your business information and I will add it to this directory. I am doing this as a free service to help my transgender brothers and sisters, and ask for nothing in return except for a link back to me if you have a website. This helps everyone listed in this directory. Please send The name and address of your business, your contact information and a short description of what you do (about 1 paragraph).

The thing to remember is we need to support our own. If you see a product or service on a transgender website you can use, please do your best to support that website. Help us promote our websites, one way we can do this is to email the links to others whom the website may be of interest. Many groups of people have been doing this for years and this has helped them get to where they are today and we as a transgender community need to do the same.

List your transgender owned business here: Transgender Owned Business Directory