Sunday, December 7, 2008

Transexualism Explained

This is my little way of explaining my transexualism. I usually say this to a "normal" genetic female who is comfortable with her gender, but it also works on "normal" genetic males also.

I take it you are comfortable with your gender, and wait till I get a response of "yes". Now imagine looking at your body and it is a very masculine male body, you have no breasts, you have a penis between your legs, but you are the same woman you always knew yourself to be, how would you feel? Now if that isn't bad enough, now imagine society expected to dress as a male, act as a male, take on the male role, use the men’s restrooms, how would you feel?

If you didn't live up to societies expectations, you would be subjected to discrimination and ridicule. You could be denied employment, be fired from your job, loose your housing, denied appropriate health care and appropriate insurance coverage, beaten up or even murdered, how would you feel?

If that isn't bad enough you have no ability to bear children. If you have children as a male you could loose custody and or visitation of your children. If you transition after being married most likely your spouse would divorce you, normal relationships would be extremely hard to find. How would you feel?

Overwhelmingly, the response I get is "I could not imagine". People in general have no clue of what transexuals have to deal with on a day in and day out basis. They just can't imagine...