Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trouble with Amazon

You may have heard already that Amazon has recently begun removing ranks and search-ability of books that are considered to have "adult content." Here's what we know:

Authors and readers began to piece together the trends over the weekend -- largely via Twitter -- and realized that many of the books that have been labeled "adult" are ones that address gay/queer/lgbt issues. (Eerily, the exception to this seems to be anti-gay propaganda, like books on preventing homosexuality in your children.)

A writeup of what has happened so far;

Twitter is leading the discussion about Amazon's policies;

There is a Facebook group recently started called AmazonFail which has details about the situation:

Petition against this policy:

More info can be found by putting the term "#amazonfail" in Google and/or Twitter.

The LGBT community is an respectable part to the booksellers market share and if we all boycott Amazon, perhaps Amazon will rethink the idea of censoring our books and classifying them as "adult".

A great alternative to Amazon is Barnes & Noble.

Thanks to all who have written about this and for showing your support for all writers and readers who want and deserve shame-free access to LGBT books.

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